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Core Search for Core Hiring Needs

Core Search was created in response to a lack of high-quality and accessible search options for nonprofits hiring mid-to-senior level positions. With a track record of more than 700 successful placements, our Core Search model works across all functional areas including business operations, development, finance, general management, marketing, program management, strategy, talent management, and technology.

Our service is built upon the belief that top-notch search services can be highly efficient. To close searches as quickly as possible, we recruit and present candidates, in real time, on a rolling basis from the start of the search. In nearly half of our engagements, the candidate who ultimately gets hired is presented within the first few weeks of the search.

As a mission-driven search firm, we also believe that our Core Search service should be accessible to nonprofits with a range of budget sizes. We price our searches at reasonable flat-fees which are agreed upon before the start of an engagement and never vary based upon the final salary for a hire.

To offer the best possible service, we’ve made significant investments in recruitment technologies, search management training, and targeted and diverse talent networks. We pride ourselves on promoting a “culture of recruitment” across our entire team, developing and maintaining strong relationships with both passive and active job seekers, as well as sector influencers and connectors.

Our Methodology at a Glance

Core Searches are staffed by an experienced search consultant, working in partnership with a dedicated recruitment lead. Every engagement includes:

Core Search Diagram


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