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The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Diversity in the Workplace

The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Diversity in the Workplace Photo

Across the nonprofit sector, most employers share the belief that racial diversity is a key component of organizational health, performance, and outcomes. Yet, according to today’s nonprofit talent, few organizations are doing enough to attract and retain professionals of color. There is a perceived gap between the intentions and actions of nonprofit organizations when it comes to promoting staff diversity.

A common perception held by nonprofit professionals is that their employers value diversity, but that those values are not being translated into actions resulting in the creation of diverse and inclusive workplaces. For organizations seeking to increase the racial diversity of their staff, or retain their current employees of color, the ineffectiveness of mere “good intentions” around issues of diversity and inclusiveness presents a looming problem.

How committed are nonprofit organizations to creating racially diverse and inclusive work environments? What does it take to effectively recruit and retain employees of color? How do workplace demographics play into perceptions of staff inclusiveness and impact career decisions, especially among people of color? Why do many people of color choose to leave organizations, and in some cases, the sector all together?

Produced by Commongood Careers and Level Playing Field Institute, the following report examines these questions in detail and propose recommendations to help nonprofits move beyond ideals and into the reality of sustainable organizational diversity.

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