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Search Services Designed for Nonprofits at Every Stage of Their Growth

When it comes to serving the hiring needs of high-impact nonprofits, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We’ve developed a range of services so that organizations can fill positions across all functional areas and at every level of the organizational chart, from Executive Assistant to Executive Director.

All of our services leverage our robust talent networks, recruitment and search expertise, and deep understanding of our clients’ unique missions and cultures. With a 98% successful placement rate, our services get results: effective hires, made as efficiently as possible, that create lasting impact on nonprofit organizations.

Our services include:

Core Search

Commongood Careers’ most popular offering is designed to serve the majority of nonprofit hiring needs, from Manager to C-level positions. Core Search provides access to highly qualified candidate pools and expert search process management, at a reasonable price, leading to significant time and cost-savings. Learn more about Core Search.

Executive Search

For organizations hiring for a CEO or Executive Director, or any position being managed by a search committee and requiring extra support, our Executive Search offering provides a high-touch yet cost-effective and flexible choice. Learn more about Executive Search.

Volume Search

Volume Search allows organizations to secure multiple hires within the same or similar positions. This offering leverages economies of scale in recruitment in order to develop qualified candidate pools. Learn more about Volume Search.

Entry-Level Search

Entry-Level Search is an easy and affordable way for organizations to fill their Associate, Coordinator, and Assistant-level positions in all functional areas. Learn more about Entry-Level Search.

To discuss your organization’s hiring needs and learn more about our services, please contact or (866) 282-0955