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What We Do

Commongood Careers is a retained search firm that supports the hiring needs of innovative organizations across the country. Founded in 2005 and staffed by nonprofit professionals, we recruit, screen, and hire for hundreds of positions each year in all functional areas, and at every level from administrators through managers, directors and executives.

Our search services leverage a streamlined approach that is based on the traditional executive search model, as detailed below.

Detailed Planning

Every search engagement starts with a comprehensive assessment. This process typically requires only 1-2 hours of your time, after which we will develop:

  • A customized search strategy that reflects the organizational culture and ideal candidate competencies and characteristics, as well as the plan for recruiting and screening targeted candidates.
  • A compelling job description to attract a strong candidate pool.

Targeted Recruiting

For every search, we aggressively develop a diverse pool of qualified candidates by employing a variety of targeted recruiting strategies, including:

  • Direct Outreach: We engage passive candidates by identifying and contacting individuals in similar positions, as well as potential connectors to individuals in similar positions.
  • Public Advertising: We use a variety of targeted posting sources, for which Commongood Careers regularly maintains data about results and return on investment across all of its searches.
  • Partner Outreach: We distribute position announcements through various sources as a result of our unique partnerships with universities, service networks, training programs, affinity groups, and management consulting firms.
  • Our Talent Database: For each search, we conduct a thorough mining of our private database of 60,000 jobseekers.
  • Our Network: We promote positions through our website and monthly email newsletters, as well as our communities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Your Network: As appropriate, we help clients to map out all of their volunteers, alumni, partners, board members, funders, champions and colleagues, and then develop a customized outreach plan to ensure that all of those individuals are aware of the search and engaged in its ultimate success.

Additionally, we manage all candidate inquiries and application inflow through a proprietary candidate management system.

Effective Screening

In order to deliver strong finalists for you to consider, we conduct thorough, consistent, and equitable screening efforts that include:

  • A detailed review of every candidate application against pre-established criteria.
  • A phone interview with each promising candidate to assess his/her degree of fit with the position requirements and organizational culture.

On a rolling basis, we share strong candidates with our clients, through presentation of a Candidate Portfolio (consisting of a resume, cover letter and assessment of the candidate’s fit with the position requirements) for each candidate being presented for further consideration.

Ongoing Consulting and Support

Throughout the search, we provide weekly status reports outlining the progress of the search to date and the status of each candidate who has been passed along.

We also support hiring managers in preparing for follow-up interviews, reference checks, negotiations, hiring, on-boarding and any other search-related needs.