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What It Costs

In comparison to the fees of a traditional retained search firm, which are generally 30% of the role’s annual salary with a minimum engagement fee of $30,000, Commongood Careers is dedicated to serving nonprofits with a near-break-even business model and more reasonable, flat-rate fees.

So, for example, for a program director search salaried at $85,000, most executive search firms would charge 30%, or $25,500, if not a minimum engagement fee of $30,000. Commongood Careers, on the other hand, would generally only charge $20,000 for the same search.

On average, the total cost for a search ranges from $15,000 to $30,000.

How We Determine Our Fees

Commongood Careers utilizes a flat-rate pricing model that is broken up into three equal payments.  Except for minimal ad posting charges, this flat fee is inclusive of all costs and expenses.

scales graphic

As opposed to a salary percentage-based model, this structure is designed to remove any additional pressure on a hiring organizations when negotiating salaries with finalists, so that they do not also have to determine the impact that such decisions will have on their search firm fees.

Furthermore, because we are only looking to cover our costs, fluctuations in a role’s salary will rarely have an impact on our work.  Ultimately, fixed and all-inclusive fee structures are just easier for our clients to budget and manage; and we like to make things easy for our clients!

When estimating a search’s total fee, Commongood Careers considers a number of factors including:

  • Geography of the search
  • Seniority of the role
  • Specificity of the ideal candidate
  • Number of decision makers in the hiring process
  • Scope of the partnership - Because we are much more efficient in working with clients around multiple searches, either simultaneously or over time, we can pass that cost-saving along to our clients with volume discounts.