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How We’re Different

In comparison to some traditional search firms that collect position requirements up front and then return a few months later with a few finalists from which you have to choose, we work in partnership with our clients throughout the entire search process, sharing candidates on a rolling basis and discussing strategy through weekly check-ins. This approach allows us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ changing needs, as well as to leverage the real-time nature of the candidate market.

Who We Support

Our services are specifically designed for results-driven, growth-oriented, creative and innovative nonprofits and socially-driven businesses. We connect the very best talent with these organizations so that they can achieve even greater social impact.

The Commongood Advantage

By choosing Commongood Careers as a search partner, our clients benefit from significant advantages, including:

Experience Over 400 successful searches nationwide makes us one of the most experienced nonprofit search firms in the country.
Connections We have deep networks across the nonprofit, government, academic, and private sectors.
Acumen We are adept at evaluating candidates for both skill requirements and cultural fit in the screening process.
Efficiency With an experienced team leveraging technology and using a rolling process, we cut time-to-hire for our clients to half of the industry standard.
Affordability Dedicated to serving nonprofits with a near-break-even business model, our rates can be up to 50% less than other search firms.

Thanks to these advantages, we are proud to report a 93% successful placement and retention rate, with 86% of our placements still employed in their organizations.

We also carefully track client satisfaction and are proud to report that on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, our overall client satisfaction rating has been at a 9 or higher since our founding, leading the majority of our clients to return to Commongood Careers for long-term, multi-search relationships.

For more examples of our results and impact, please visit the Measures of Success section of our website.

A Note about Our Pricing

In order to make our services more affordable, Commongood Careers charges a low, flat-rate fee for each search. On average, we charge up to 50% less than traditional search firms. For more information about how we determine pricing for each search, please visit What It Costs.