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Diversity Commitment

Commongood Careers is a mission-driven search firm that is committed to social impact. Our purpose is to support the hiring needs of nonprofits that are dedicated to tackling today’s most pressing social problems. Achieving this type of social impact doesn’t spring up out of homogeneity, but requires a blend of diverse experiences, points of view, backgrounds and cultures -- in work environments where unique perspectives are considered and divergent approaches promote a spirit of creativity and innovation. In short, diversity makes organizations stronger, and stronger organizations change the world.

We are committed to diversity because we believe it is essential to nonprofits’ ability to achieve social impact. To demonstrate this commitment, we work with nonprofits that place a high value on building diverse teams and fostering inclusive environments, as well as hold diversity as a core value of our own organization.

Our Vision for a Diverse Nonprofit Sector

Commongood Careers envisions a nonprofit sector that is as diverse as the communities it serves and organizations that recognize diversity as a means to build more effective teams, innovate better solutions, and create greater social impact.

Recruiting Diverse Talent

Commongood Careers is committed to recruiting diverse candidate pools for each of the searches we manage. We utilize extensive professional networks, strategic partnerships, targeted sourcing, and other innovative approaches, specifically:

  • Continually expanding and cultivating our network of talented nonprofit professionals throughout the country.
  • Crafting strategic sourcing and recruiting plans including online affinity groups and diversity posting sites.
  • Building exclusive talent partnerships with leadership development organizations to engage their alumni networks and bring greater visibility to opportunities with our client organizations.
  • Placing a high value on diversity within our own organization, prioritizing hiring staff that reflect a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Serving as a thought-leader on issues related to diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector through articles and other publications, including a national survey report “The Voice of Nonprofit Talent:  Perceptions of Diversity in the Workplace

To explore a partnership, study, or other collaboration related to helping nonprofits secure a diversity of talent, please contact us.