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What to Expect

Commongood Careers partners with innovative nonprofits across the country to support their recruiting and hiring needs. The following information outlines what you can expect from our hiring process.

The following information outlines what you can expect from the hiring process for searches being managed by Commongood Careers.

Step 1: Application Submittal

All available job listings are listed on our website. Each job listing has an application link at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in applying for more than one position, we request that you submit a separate application for each position and we strongly recommend that you customize your cover letter for each position to demonstrate your interest and fit with each particular role.

Step 2: Application Review

Commongood Careers carefully reviews every application against the specific requirements of the position. If we are interested in pursuing your candidacy, we will invite you to a preliminary phone interview. Otherwise, we will notify you that you will not advance in the process, but that we’ll keep your application in our talent database to consider for other positions.

Step 3: Phone Interview with Commongood Careers

Phone interviews are conducted by a member of the Commongood Careers team and generally last 30-45 minutes. Typically within a week of this interview, we will inform you if you will have the opportunity to interview with the hiring organization or we will send our regrets that you will not advance in the process.

Step 4: Interviews with the Hiring Organization

In most cases, there is an initial interview with the hiring organization conducted in person, by phone, or by Skype. From there, hiring processes vary by organization. Depending on the role, there may be second, third, and fourth round interviews with additional members of the organization’s team and/or Board, as well as requests to complete an assignment, provide work samples, or visit a program site.

Step 5: Reference Checks

Before an offer is made, the hiring organization will most likely request to speak with at least three professional references. Hiring organizations may also maintain the right to conduct further background checks, general reference inquiries, reviews of online and other publicly available information, and confirm information provided in your application.

Step 6: Employment Offers

Finally, the hiring organization may extend an employment offer. Typically, the hiring organization will expect to hear your decision within a few days.

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