Career Advising for Mission-Driven Talent

Commongood Careers believes that anyone who is committed to working in the nonprofit sector can land a great position, as long as they have access to the right tools and guidance.

We help job seekers clarify their career interests, chart a course for their search, and then acquire practical skills and knowledge to help them reach their goals. Our services are especially useful to career-changers and mid/senior level professionals.

While our career advising service is in-depth, it does not require a long-term commitment. We deliver our services through four 1-hour sessions, either by phone or in person at our Boston offices.

Session 1: Exploration

The first session focuses on working with your career advisor to further refine your interests in job roles and organization types, explore your core competencies -- namely your skills, knowledge, and personal attributes -- and identify areas where you feel you need the most support in your job search.

The information from this session lays the foundation for your individualized Strategic Action Plan, a document that builds structure, accountability, and goals into the overall advising process. Upon the completion of your advising sessions, the Strategic Action Plan serves as a blueprint for your job search.

Session 2: Resumes and Cover Letters

This session entails reviewing your current cover letter and resume and making adjustments that highlight your core competencies, including how they specifically map to the position type (or specific position, if known.) At the end of this session, you will be able to effectively produce a resume and cover letter that best communicates your fit and interest in a position.

Session 3: Networking

In this session, we will explore the best practices of networking, identify the various connectors that you know, and develop a plan to help you activate your networks. This session also includes information and guidance around how to use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and how to leverage associations and other membership organizations to make connections.

Session 4: Mock Interview

This session is a 40-minute mock interview, either for an actual position that you have applied to, or one that you identify before this session. After the mock interview, your advisor will lead you through a 20-minute debrief to provide feedback and develop strategies to position you for success in a real-life interview setting.

What it Costs

The fee for the 4-session career advising package is $750.

Get Started

To make an inquiry about our services or schedule a career advising package, please email

Please Note: While these services are designed to improve your job seeking skills and support your job search, they will not provide you with any specific advocacy or any other special advantages in your pursuit of applications to specific searches being managed by Commongood Careers.