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Our Approach

No matter where you are in your career, embarking on a nonprofit job search can be a challenging and uncertain process. Commongood Careers can help.

The Commongood Careers approach to career advising is simple. We believe that anyone who is committed to working in the nonprofit sector can land a great position, as long as they have access to the right tools and guidance.

Based on this belief, Commongood Careers offers career advising services that are personalized, flexible, and tactical. We help jobseekers from all professional backgrounds understand their career interests, chart a course for their job search, and then acquire practical skills and knowledge to help them reach their goals. Our outcomes-based approach results in jobseekers learning real skills that they can use in a real job search.

Who We Support

Commongood Careers offers comprehensive advising services that are geared towards jobseekers interested in the nonprofit sector. Our services are especially useful to career-changers and mid/senior level professionals.

Please Note

While these services are designed to improve your job seeking skills and support your job search generally, they will not provide you with any specific advocacy or any other special advantages in your pursuit of specific searches being managed by Commongood Careers.

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