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Volunteer on a Political Campaign, Boost Your Career

For the first time in 25 years, the people of Massachusetts will elect a new senator. Following in the footsteps of Ted Kennedy, the champion behind such legislation as the Serve America Act, the person filling this seat inherits the potential to have tremendous impact on our sector and could transform the landscape in which nonprofit organizations do their work.

With just 67 days until the primary election, this campaign provides immediate opportunities to get involved. According to candidate Alan Khazei’s campaign staff, “This is the campaign that empowers people to get involved in government. It’s a movement. People are organizing and taking the lead themselves.”

Volunteering on a political campaign not only allows you get involved with government; it also provides ample opportunities to gain resume-building skills and broaden your professional network.

Here’s how:

  • RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Campaign environments are active, high energy, deadline-driven, entrepreneurial, goal-oriented, engaged and engaging – much like the innovative nonprofits where you hope to work. Volunteering on a campaign is a great chance to gain more experience working in this kind of environment.
  • NETWORKING: People who work on campaigns are often passionate, mission-driven, inspired professionals. These are good people to get to know. Many of them are taking time out of their regular lives because this campaign is so important, and many of them are leaders, board members, or other stakeholders in organizations where you may want to work one day.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: During the campaign, there is always a tremendous amount to do. This translates into opportunities to hone skills, deliver work product, and have a real impact.  When volunteering, you’ll be able to develop core competencies and skills such as the ability to persuade, verbal and written communication skills, probli-solving, project management, strategic planning, outreach, and marketing.
  • INSPIRATION: Campaigns are about connecting with people who are excited about the job they’re doing. Even as a volunteer, you’ll experience job satisfaction which can help to re-invigorate your full-time job search, or provide some valuable insight about how to get more out of your current day-to-day job.

To learn more about the campaign volunteering opportunities, visit the web sites of the following candidates:

Alan Khazei
Stephen Pagliuca
Martha Coakley
Michael Capuano
Scott Brown
Bob Burr (no web site at time of publishing)
Joe Kennedy (no web site at time of publishing)


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