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Tweeting for Hiring Managers

Many corporate recruiters promote their openings and recruit candidates on Twitter. Is Twitter really an effective tool for filling open positions?

The debate is out as to whether Twitter is useful or distracting for hiring managers and recruiters. There is anecdotal evidence that Twitter has been especially effective in the following ways:

Employer branding: Twitter can be a great way to build a brand for your organization as a great place to work. 140 characters can be a fun way to share information about your organization’s culture, rituals and milestones. You can also get your employee’s tweeting about what they like about working at your organization. With TwitPics, you can also post pictures of work gatherings and other images that represent your employer brand.

Network building. Using the search function on Twitter, it’s easy to research and connect with people who work in specific functional or mission areas. This can be a great way to source for candidates. Start by following them, re-tweeting their posts and even introducing yourself in a tweet. Reaching out to other Twitter users helps to build your following and expand your networks. You may be 140 characters from starting a relationship with your next hire!

Competitive intelligence. Do you tend to compete for talent with certaing organizations? Follow them on Twitter to stay abreast of what they are up to, including the positions they are looking to fill. There may even be ways to turn competition into collaboration, such as sharing candidates on similar searches.

Job posting. Twitter is a no-cost way to get the word out that you’re hiring. Tweeting your job posting (generally organization name and title, with a Tiny URL to the full job description)

Of course, if you are brand new to Twitter, take advantage of the many tutorials, glossaries and user guides available online. Soon you’ll have a firm grasp Twitter handles, hash tags, and abbreviations (everything from BTW to wOOt!).




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