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The Nonprofit Workforce Coalition identifies new issues impacting nonprofit employment

Commongood Careers is a proud and active member of the Nonprofit Workforce Coalition, a diverse group of organizations focused on identifying and addressing issues facing the nonprofit sector workforce. Commongood’s CEO, James Weinberg, serves as Vice Chair of the coalition, and had the privilege of attending a day-long Board retreat this past Monday in Washington, D.C.

Historically, the coalition has focused on three key issues related to the nonprofit workforce, namely diversity, student debt, and talent recruitment. Last week’s retreat marked a shift to a set of new issues, specifically how the economic crisis and the role of the current administration will impact nonprofit employment and social sector workforce. The group spent a good deal of time considering the relationship and feedback loops that exist between government and the nonprofit sector, and ways that the coalition could better educate elected officials about nonprofit workforce issues.

To get legislators more involved in the conversation about nonprofit employment, the group proposed a number of ideas, including:

•  Creating a mechanism through which local nonprofits could communicate with local elected officials to bring them into the loop about economic distress, layoffs, etc.

•  Collecting data around how the current economic crisis is impacting nonprofit employment and benchmarking findings for legislators and the public

In the coming weeks and months, the coalition will continue to consider rapidly evolving realities for nonprofit sector. We hope to be able to share more about these exciting efforts soon.

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