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ServiceNation Needs You!

Since our founding, Commongood Careers has stood behind the idea that citizen service can unite Americans, help address some of our greatest societal challenges, and strengthen our communities and our democracy.

We recently blogged about our involvement with ServiceNation, a national campaign promoting voluntary citizen service. The ServiceNation campaign will officially kick off with a national summit Sept. 11-12, in New York City.

On the evening of September 11, the Summit will open with a presidential candidates forum on citizenship and service. Senator John McCain has agreed to participate, and Senator Obama may agree to attend as well.

Then, on September 27, ServiceNation will stage a nationwide Day Of Action, with hundreds of events across America celebrating the power and potential of voluntary citizen service.

ServiceNation truly has the potential to transform our nation, and Commongood Careers is committed to helping drive this incredible campaign. But we can’t succeed without your help and your involvement. 

As a first step, you can help us let our leaders know that we are ready to become a ServiceNation by taking our service poll, and submitting a question to be asked at the Sept. 11 presidential candidates forum. (To inspire you, ServiceNation will select up to five of the best questions and offer the authors a ticket to the event!)

Take the poll at:

We hope that you are as excited by the potential for ServiceNation as we are, and that you will join us in this bold campaign.

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