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President Obama calls for passage of the Serve America Act

What an exciting time for social change! In late February 2009, President Obama asked Congress to send him the Serve America Act, the bipartisan legislation created to encourage all Americans to renew their commitment to national service. This bold legislation is an important step in creating opportunities for every American to participate in solving our nation’s critical social problems and improving lives and communities across the country. 

The benefits to the social sector are outstanding. Not only will this legislation result in the creation of new programs and organizations, but it also puts dollars in the pockets of service-oriented nonprofits and private groups. What’s more? New jobs and opportunities at a wide range of nonprofits will result from these initiatives.

Specific initiatives of the act will include addressing the dropout crises and strengthening our schools, improvising energy efficiency, safeguarding the environment, improving health care and expanding economic opportunity in low-income communicates, and preparing for and responding to disasters and emergencies.

Talented and committed individuals will be needed to make these programs a reality. While some of this demand will be met by AmeriCorps participants (the act will increase AmeriCorps members from 75K to 250K), we expect that many more will be needed to develop, manage, and staff new programs.

Where does your talent fit into this new service nation? Let us know!

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