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Nonprofits offer unshakable careers

AOL and Payscale recently published an article citing nonprofits as top of the list of seven unshakable careers. According to the article:

Though employers across industries are showing reluctance to hire full-time employees in favor of part-time, temp-to-hire and independent contractors, according to Linda Duffy, president of Leadership Habitude, there are certain industries showing potential for serious growth—the kind that offers job stability long term.

1. Nonprofit

James Weinberg, Founder and CEO of Commongood Careers, says the nonprofit sector continues to grow, representing 12 percent of the GNP and workforce. Says Weinberg, “Based on our experience, nonprofits focusing on education and health, as well as those considered to be entrepreneurial social innovators, are best positioned for rapid growth.” Though many nonprofits lean heavily on government funding, budget cuts on the state and federal level have made an impact. Development directors responsible for raising money will likely be more valuable than ever. Median salaries for full-time fundraisers are around $61,000, according to online salary database,

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