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Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now

Are you a part of the next generation of nonprofit leaders?  Do you want to be?

How will you move from “next” to “now”?

How can you add your voice to today’s urgent conversations about tomorrow’s inspiring possibilities?

Join other emerging nonprofit leaders in conversations about these questions by participating in NGen: Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now at the Independent Sector Annual Conference, held in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations. The NGen program, free to those attending the conference, provides an exceptional opportunity to enhance your professional networks, build your leadership skills, and contribute to the future of the nonprofit community.

Each year, the IS conference is the premier gathering for leaders of America’s charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs.  At the 2009 conference, which takes place November 4-6 in Detroit, the NGen program will again bring together talented nonprofit professionals under the age of 40 for a series of sessions designed specifically for people like you.

Our society is changing rapidly and in unexpected ways, and we need young leaders like you to be part of a conversation about how to strengthen the sector at large and increase our individual and collective impact.  This year’s Annual Conference will engage attendees in provocative discussions about the present and future state of our community through innovative formats that inspire collaboration and dialogue. That conversation has already started online, and we urge you to join us at FutureLab: An Online Challenge for the Nonprofit Community to Chart a Vibrant 2020 to contribute to discussions that will continue at the conference in Detroit.

We need rising stars like you to be part of the nearly 1,000 leaders coming together in Detroit. We encourage you to register today. Visit the IS website to view the NGen schedule and learn more about this diverse group of leaders.

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