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Meet C. Goodie: Uncommon Monkey Working for the Common Good

Meet C. Goodie: Uncommon Monkey Working for the Common Good Photo

To some, he may seem like an ordinary sock monkey. But C. Goodie plays an essential - even highly strategic – role at Commongood Careers. We caught up with Commongood Careers’ resident ambassador of fun, and here’s what he had to say.

What is your title and how would you describe your role at Commongood Careers?

C. Goodie
:  Well, I don’t have a business card or email signature, but I tend to go by the title Funnest Monkey Ever or Fun Czar. My role is all about infusing and inspiring fun into the work we do. I make sure we recognize staff’s personal and professional accomplishments, including helping to ring the office gong whenever we make a placement for one of our clients. I also organize staff social gatherings to give staff a way to interact outside of work and blow off some steam. On a daily basis, I hang a new quote on the office wall to inspire people throughout their day.

What special training or experience do you have that qualifies you for this role?

C. Goodie:  From a young age at the sock monkey factory, I knew that fun was my calling. However, I wanted to do something more meaningful than languor on the shelf of a touristy gift shop. When I learned about the true origin of Curious George, how he was snatched from his native home and then made to wear human clothes and live in a city apartment, it inspired me devote my life to helping others.  Specially, helping others have more fun. 

My playful demeanor and positive outlook are the best qualifications for my current job.  All the training I need comes from right here. (NOTE TO READERS: C. Goodie points to his heart and funny bone.)

In your opinion, why should an organization value fun? What does it mean to truly embrace this value?

C. Goodie:  My personal motto says it all: ONE FOR FUN, FUN FOR ALL. In a mission-driven environment, where everyone is working with purpose and dedication, it’s important to have some levity. Employees who have fun are happier, and happier people love what they do. As a result, Commongood Careers has a highly productive team and excellent retention of both staff members and clients.  I like to think I’ve had a little something to do with that.

What can we expect from you in the future?

C. Goodie:  As Commongood Careers is growing, I plan to play a major role in onboarding new staff members. I also expect to up my game in planning fun activities for staff, as well as working with senior leadership to ensure that the value of fun stays ingrained in our office culture. And of course, there’s the daily monkeying around!

I’m also excited to get out of the office to visit Commongood Careers’ clients and learn about the good work they are doing. Look out world, here I come!

Stay tuned on the Commongood Careers blog and Facebook page to keep up with C. Goodie. You never know where he may turn up next!


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