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Host a Jobs Discussion in Your Community

Want to help address job creation in your local community?

In the wake of an unemployment rate at 10 percent, the White House last week reached out to approximately 130 leaders from business, government, academia, labor and the nonprofit sector to seek input on the most effective ways to create jobs.

While President Obama emphasized that “true economic recovery is only going to come from the private sector,” he recognized the important role that local government can play in spurring investment in communities and sought out suggestions from cities by inviting five mayors from across the country to participate in the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth. President Obama also encouraged Americans around the country to gather and discuss employment issues and solutions in their local communities.

Since then, thousands of citizens has responded to this call to action. Due to the overwhelming response, the White House has extended the deadline to January 7, 2010. This is an exciting opportunity to explore how to address job creation with your local neighbors, business owners, elected officials, and others who have felt the impact of the economic crisis firsthand.

If you are interested in hosting a jobs discussion in your community, complete this form. The White House will then email you discussion questions and other materials to help make your event as productive as possible and give you instructions on to how to share feedback with the White House staff.

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