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Hitting the Conference Circuit!

October is the height of conference season, and we couldn’t be more excited about heading out on the road. Here’s a round up of where we’ve been over the past few weeks, and where we are going.

October 9-11, Nonprofit HR Conference – Our VP Dana Hagenbuch attended this vibrant conference of over 250 HR professionals in Washington, DC. She led a highly interactive session that explored ways that nonprofits can increase diversity and promote inclusiveness within their organizations. Thanks to the Lisa Morton and the team at Nonprofit HR Solutions for hosting such a great event!

October 17-19, LinkedIn Talent Connect –Kevin Flynn, our Director of Recruitment & Candidate Services, just returned from this dynamic conference of over 300 corporate and nonprofit recruiters. Not only did he learn some new tricks of the trade, he also spent quality time with Bryan Breckenridge of LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions, an exciting new initiative to help nonprofits use technology to recruit candidates, board members, and volunteers.

October 30 – November 1, Independent Sector – Kevin will hit the road again, this time with our Founder and CEO, James Weinberg, to attend that annual Independent Sector conference in Chicago. At the event, James will sit on a panel entitled The Changing Landscape of America’s Workforce. This session will give participants give participants the opportunity to examine their own blind spots and identify changes in belief or behavior as they deal with shifting demographic profiles in the workplace.

October 30 – November 2, Social Enterprise Summit– Kevin and James will pop down the road to Social Enterprise Alliance’s Summit to lead a session entitled Optimizing Resources: Human Capital Mind-Shift: Maximizing Social Enterprise Return on Investment with Talent Based Strategies. In this session, participants will learn about some of the best practices of talent-driven organizations, as well as explore an effective and innovative strategies for human capital management, tools, and systems.

If you plan to attend these upcoming events, please join for James’ sessions, and seek out Kevin and James to say hello!

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