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Hiring manager says, “He had me at bathrooms.”

Sometimes it’s what a candidate does –- not just what he says—during an interview that demonstrates his qualities to a prospective employer.

During a recent interview for a COO position, one of our clients (let’s call him Joe) was giving a tour of their program’s school campus to a candidate. Joe noticed that the candidate was peeking into every bathroom they passed along the way.

Puzzled about the candidate’s behavior, Joe asked, “Why are you checking out our bathrooms?”

With the utmost sincerity, the candidate responded, “In my experience, the best performing schools have clean bathrooms. If students don’t respect their public space, or if administrators don’t recognize the need for students to respect their public spaces, schools tend to suffer in other areas as well.”

Joe was highly impressed with this example of the candidate’s understanding of how education is more than just about books and knowledge, but also about healthy learning environments. 

Upon relaying this story to his Service Manager at Commongood Careers, Joe stated with enthusiasm, “He had me at bathrooms!”

He went on to add, “This is exactly the type of stuff I need a COO to notice. This example of thoughtfulness and attention to detail showed me that this guy really gets it!”

Interview behavior can speak 1000 words. But in this case, it just took the word “bathrooms” to hook this employer.

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