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Healthcare Organizations are Hiring!

Earlier this year at our Conversations with Social Entrepreneurs events, we heard a lot about health issues, namely how health-related nonprofits are emerging as a new focus in social innovation. Lara Galinsky of Echoing Green reported that she was seeing many more health-related organizations in their fellowship mix; Alexandra Quinn of Project HEALTH discussed how the model of student-run health help-desks was catching on around the country.

Historically, social innovation has been largely dominated by education and youth services. It’s exciting to see a crop of organizations that are taking innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to addressing health issues. This is reflected in some of Commongood Careers’ newest clients, such as:

Heath Care without Harm, an international coalition of more than 473 organizations in 52 countries, is working to transform the health care sector, without compromising patient safety or care, so that it is ecologically sustainable and no longer a source of harm to public health and the environment. Health Care without Harm is currently hiring for a Chief Operating Officer.

District of Columbia Primary Care Association is a nonprofit health care reform organization founded in 1996 to improve the health of DC’s vulnerable residents by ensuring that they receive high quality primary health care – regardless of their ability to pay.  DCPCA represents 15 primary care providers in 58 sites across the District of Columbia. DCPCA is currently hiring for a Director of Development and Communications.

We hope to support the hiring needs of even more health-related nonprofits in the future. What other organizations are taking innovative approaches to addressing health issues?

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