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From America Forward: Obama introduces the Community Solutions Agenda

As a coalition member of America Forward, we are pleased to re-post the following announcement about Obama’s Community Solutions Agenda, and what it means for the advancement of socially innovative nonprofits.

“Today was a transformational day for the social innovation community, and a huge milestone for the America Forward coalition.  At a White House event earlier today, President Obama introduced his Community Solutions Agenda—highlighting promising innovations of social entrepreneurs around the country, and providing a vision for how government can come together with nonprofits, philanthropy, the private sector, and citizens to find innovative ideas, invest in what works, and scale proven solutions to our most urgent social challenges.  President Obama brought together leaders from all sectors and announced several initiatives to execute this agenda, including a nationwide tour by Melody Barnes, the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and an Innovation Fund to invest in and scale proven solutions. 

This community, and many others, have been working with policymakers at the federal level to make a federal investment in social innovation.  The president’s speech is a critical milestone in our effort to change the way social problems are solved and truly move the needle on the issues facing our communities.  As the President said today, ‘If we work together—if we all go all-in here—think about the difference we can make.’ We couldn’t agree more.”

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