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Celebrating Personal Milestones at Work…a Do or a Don’t?

Recently, one of our own got married. This marked the fifth wedding for the Commongood Careers team. Over the years, members of our team have experienced a number of major life milestones, from first homes to first babies, to second babies and so on.

Like many close-knit teams, we like to celebrate our own people. In addition to making us feel all warm and fuzzy, it underscores the element of our culture that values the work/life balance.

However, if we threw a staff lunch every time someone had a birthday, we wouldn’t get a lot done. Here are a few best practices we’ve adopted to recognize personal milestones in appropriate yet meaningful ways:

(1) Acknowledge the Biggies. While it can be exciting when a team member refinances their mortgage or gets a new pet, we tend to focus on attention on a set of events. We celebrate staff birthdays with a card, and welcome new babies with a Commongood Careers onesie.

(2) Bundle Celebrations. We get together at least once or twice a year to celebrate as a team outside of work. At these celebrations, we’ll acknowledge work-related milestones – such as staff anniversaries – as well as personal ones.

(3) Respect Employees’ Privacy. Not everyone is comfortable celebrating personal milestones with their co-workers. It’s important to respect the privacy of those who prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. Also, take cultural differences into account; not all people acknowledge personal events in the same way.

How does your organization celebrate personal employee milestones? Share your rituals with the Commongood Careers community by leaving a comment on our blog.

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