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Celebrating Our 10th Year of Service

Ten years ago this month, Commongood Careers “opened its doors” – though, there were no doors at the time, other than to the spare bedroom that served as our first office space.  Like for so many of our colleagues who have started something from scratch, those first days and weeks were spent listening and learning, to test our hypothesis (specifically, to determine if what we saw as a huge need in the sector was *actually* a huge need), and to figure out a solution.  We read books and articles about best practices in recruiting and hiring (my, how things have changed….), we went to trainings, we talked to experts in the field, but mostly we talked to dynamic and entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders to understand their pain points around hiring.  By listening to their very real needs, which were clearly impacting their ability to meet their mission and increase their impact, we were able to build and deliver a service that directly reflected and met those needs.  Over the course of 10 years and more than 750 searches, listening to our market and adapting our services to best meet client needs has been a hallmark of our mission-driven strategy and in this 10th year of service, we commit to continuing to listen, learn, innovate, and serve.

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