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A voice for the nonprofit movement

The V3 Campaign is working to make the voice of the social enterprise and non-profit movement heard, its value realized, and its votes counted in every election. The goal of the campaign is to develop a new generation of political leaders who understand the economic contributions of social service organizations, who recognize the potential of social enterprise and micro-credit to reinvigorate communities and who include the sector in their plans to rebuild the economy.

Much like Service Nation, the V3 Campaign is citizen driven. The campaign’s web site lists a number of ways that nonprofits and individuals can participate in movement, including emailing the following questionnaire to district congressional candidates:

  Nonprofit businesses generate 10% of our economy, pay 10% of American wages, represent a workforce of over 14 million, and channel the energy of millions of volunteers annually.

  1. Please describe your personal and professional experiences with nonprofit organizations.

  2. Please provide three specific ways in which, if elected, you would partner with and strengthen the nonprofit sector to achieve the goals of your campaign.

  As a supporter of the V3 Campaign, I also ask that you submit a copy of your response to where it will be shared with other supporters of the nonprofit sector in America.

Another cool way to participate in this movement is the V3 photo-petition, a collection of photos submitted by nonprofit staff, volunteers, and other supporters that creatively illustrate ways nonprofits generate value for our economy. 

Looking for other ways to advance the nonprofit sector and participate in this game-changing movement? Visit the V3 web site.

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