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Resumes 2.0 – A Round Up of Web-Based Resume Creation Tools

By Kirstin Griffiths, Search Consultant

When tossing your hat in the ring for a job, you have probably wondered how you can make sure that your resume stands out to an employer– without turning resume-writing into your full-time job!

For nonprofit jobs, you not only need to find the right language to illustrate your skill fit, but you must also demonstrate a meaningful connection to an organization’s mission. On top of that, your resume needs to be easy for a hiring manager to navigate and understand, demonstrating your ability to organize information and pay attention to detail.

The good news is that there are a number of online tools to help you create a resume that is well-organized, clear, accurate, and concise. As a Search Consultant who reviews hundreds of resumes every week, I test drove a few of the highest-ranked resume creation tools on the web. Here’s a round-up of what I found:

  • Purzue – If you have a well-developed career history on your LinkedIn profile, Purzue can easily speed up the resume-creation process. Once you’ve given Purzue access to your LinkedIn profile, it pulls your information into a clean, simple resume template. From there, you can edit, add, and re-order information. Purzue also allows you to have colleagues or past employers verify what you list and provide recommendations. Once the creation process is complete, Purzue provides a URL for your resume and allows you to email, export, and share it via major social media networks. Purzue is easy to navigate online, allowing viewers to jump directly to different sections of your resume. However, the format doesn’t present as well when exported; if an employer needs to see your resume in a standard file format, you may need to reformat your resume offline.
  • Write Click Resume – If you are seeking a crisp resume format that can be easily emailed, Write Click Resume is a straightforward, no-frills, and free option. This site allows you to select from one of 11 designs and then fill in a series of fields with relevant information for each section, resulting in a resume that you can download at no cost. The designs aren’t fancy – which is generally a best practice in resume design – but they will allow your resume content to shine through in an easy-to-read, uncluttered format. One downside: this tool does not offer the option to rearrange sections, so you’ll need to download and manipulate the format offline.
  • Resume Gig and My Perfect Resume - If you are willing to invest a few dollars, there are resume-writing tools that provide more functionality for formatting and suggestions for written content. Each tool offers a 14-day trial membership for less than $3, with options for ongoing memberships.  In addition to offering over a dozen designs each, both supply pre-written examples of skills and accomplishments based on the job titles you enter. These options can be a helpful way to word your accomplishments and skills in clear and compelling language. When using pre-written language, it’s important to make sure your resume doesn’t read as generic, ensuring that you incorporate specific details and quantitative data that speaks to the specific results of your experience.  

Each of these tools can help create easy-to-read, well-formatted resumes that allow hiring managers to focus on what’s most important: your potential fit with the requirements and qualifications of the job. However, these tools can’t do all the work. Remember to spend time choosing the right words that demonstrate your specific successes and accomplishments, as well as your values, personality traits, and connection to an organizational mission. For some friendly advice on how to ensure your skills and culture fit shine through, please check out Commongood Careers’ article, Ten Resume Tips for Nonprofit Jobseekers.

Kiristin Griffiths is a member of the client services team at Commongood Careers. She's reviewed hundreds of resumes while managing searches for organizations like Summer Search, Center for Effective Philahthropy, TechBridge, and Village Health Works. As a former Program Coordinator at Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts-Boston and English major at Skidmore College, she often serves as our resident grammarian and wordsmith.

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