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Workplace Diversity

Seize the Day! Addressing Diversity in the Nonprofit Workplace

With over 6 years of experience supporting the hiring needs of nearly 150 nonprofits, we’ve heard time and again that our clients are interested in increasing the diversity of their organizations but don’t know how.  So we set out to... Read More

Are Nonprofit Leadership Programs Culturally Biased?

In our current research on racial diversity in the workplace, one question keeps coming up: why aren’t there more people of color in leadership positions at nonprofit organizations? While the answer to this question is complex, we’ve... Read More

Career Pathways to Philanthropic Leadership

Last week, we were honored to attend the Council on Foundations’ “Leadership Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in Philanthropy” in Washington, D.C. This meeting convened a group of nonprofit leaders to dialogue about issues such as... Read More

Is age a liability or an asset?

Our friends at Civic Ventures strongly believe that encore careers put experience to work. But with unemployed older workers typically out of work longer than younger workers and age discrimination claims soaring, some career experts... Read More

How to evaluate “overqualified” candidates

A number of people in our network recently forwarded us an article on about jobseekers being labeled as “overqualified.” It got us thinking about how nonprofits can best consider these candidates who bring more seniority than... Read More

Prioritizing diversity recruitment, once and for all

Improving racial diversity in nonprofit organizations, particularly in leadership positions, has been a priority of for years. Yet today’s nonprofit sector still looks really…well…white.

There have been many studies, reports, and... Read More

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