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Talent Issues

How to Hire for a Results-Driven Culture

By Allyson Biegeleisen, Vice President of Client Services

Earlier this month, I attended the Deloitte Nonprofit Summit, a day-long conference geared towards building the capacity of the nonprofit sector. Attended by approximately 150... Read More

Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a Sane One Too)

Development professionals are a unique breed.  We are a critical part of any nonprofit organization yet our work lives are necessarily externally facing.  We face intense pressures and high expectations, and while we are (often)... Read More

Considering adding Americorps talent to your team? Get a phenomenal manager first.

Ahh, summer—the time for flowers, vacations…and thoughts about big picture things that often get pushed off during the rest of the year, like your strategic staffing plan.  Did the four year anniversary of the Serve America Act... Read More

Views from the Talent Pool: How To Lose a Job Offer in 10 Days

By Kevin Flynn, Vice President of Recruitment

You’ve made it through the interview process and received an offer. However, don’t pop the champagne cork quite yet. You’re not at the finish line.  Some job offers state explicitly... Read More

Views from the Talent Pool: Lessons from the 2012 Independent Sector Conference

by Kevin Flynn, Vice President of Recruitment

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to join an amazing group of peers and colleagues at the Independent Sector Conference. While IS has historically been one of the premiere events for... Read More

How the Nonprofit Sector is Like a Giant Potato

by James Weinberg

There’s an old Irish folktale about Jamie O’Rourke, a man who grew a giant potato in his garden.  It was so big that it could feed his entire village. However, the oversized tuber caused a series of logistical... Read More

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