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Talent Issues

Host a Jobs Discussion in Your Community

Want to help address job creation in your local community?

In the wake of an unemployment rate at 10 percent, the White House last week reached out to approximately 130 leaders from business, government, academia, labor and the... Read More

The nonprofit sector is not alone in under-prioritizing HR

Many studies show that prioritizing human resources needs to come from the top. Historically, the ability of nonprofit organizations to invest time and resources into HR has been difficult for a host of reasons, such as competing... Read More

Is age a liability or an asset?

Our friends at Civic Ventures strongly believe that encore careers put experience to work. But with unemployed older workers typically out of work longer than younger workers and age discrimination claims soaring, some career experts... Read More

How to evaluate “overqualified” candidates

A number of people in our network recently forwarded us an article on about jobseekers being labeled as “overqualified.” It got us thinking about how nonprofits can best consider these candidates who bring more seniority than... Read More

Volunteering is the new work

Think volunteering is all about stuffing envelopes and packing lunches? Think again.

There has never been a more energized call to volunteer service than what we are experiencing today. Fueled by The White House Office of Social... Read More

According to survey, leadership gap has widened by 43%

Leadership succession may not be a top issue on many nonprofit leaders’ minds these days. According to a recent survey report published by Bridgespan, the need to recruit new talent and plan for leadership transitions is more pressing... Read More

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