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Talent Issues

2021: The Nonprofit Talent Frontier

Now that 2011 is well underway, we started thinking about what factors will influence nonprofit talent management 10 years from now. While we doubt that recruiting will be done by robots and reference checks will happen by telepathy, we... Read More

Innovation@Work: Informational Interviews Lead to Talent Pipelines

What if your organization could connect with great talent, deepen its networks and promote its employer brand? There is one simple way to achieve these goals: informational interviews.

For New Profit Inc, a national venture philanthropy... Read More

Volunteers are people too!

People — not money — make an impact.  People find ways to get things done, even with little or no money. As any cash-strapped start-up organization knows, much can be accomplished on a budget of $0 if you have passionate, committed... Read More

Exploring hiring challenges (and avoiding volcanic ash) at the Skoll World Forum

Recently our fearless leader, James Weinberg attended the 2010 Skoll World Forum in England.  Since the rest of us were not able to attend, we had a million questions for him when he got back. Here are a few snippets of what he had to... Read More

Are you an NGen Leader?

Since NGen: Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now was introduced at the 2008 IS Annual Conference, nearly 300 under-40 leaders have participated in special sessions, targeted networking opportunities, and an ongoing conversation about... Read More

Conversations with Social Entrepreneurs: 2010 and Beyond

What does the future hold for the nation’s most innovative and entrepreneurial nonprofits?

Although the economic freefall has stabilized, the recovery process may be long and unpredictable. At the beginning of a new decade, it seems as... Read More

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