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Talent Issues

Views from the Talent Pool: How Your Job Search is Like March Madness

by Kevin Flynn, Director of Recruitment and Candidate Services

Another season of March Madness is upon us. Since I’ve spent the majority of the last week either watching tournament games or interviewing candidates, I’ve started... Read More

Views from the Talent Pool: Stuff Interviewers Say

Interview settings can present challenging communication dynamics, even for the most experienced candidates. At times, it may seem like the interviewer is speaking in code.  Unlike the phenomenon on YouTube, it is rarely hilarious and... Read More

Is Your Volunteer Experience on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Hiring managers care about your volunteer experience, according to a recent survey from LinkedIn.

Some 41% of nearly 2,000 professionals said that when evaluating candidates’ resumes, they consider volunteer experience to be equally as... Read More

Commongood Careers Helps to Ignite Catchafire in Boston

Commongood Careers is thrilled to be one of the newest members of Catchafire, an amazing organization that connects pro bono talent with nonprofits and social enterprises.

As one of Catchafire’s Founding 30 members in Boston, we are... Read More

A Slightly Narrower Leadership Gap

According to the authors of Daring to Lead 2011, a national study on nonprofit leadership produced by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation, two-thirds of executive directors plan to leave their positions within the next five years.

The... Read More

The Best Job in the Nonprofit Sector

Did we get your attention?

If you are passionate about helping the nation’s most innovative and high-performing nonprofits secure the talent they need to succeed, we want you to work at Commongood Careers! We are currently hiring for a... Read More

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