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Social Innovation

How Will Obama Deliver on Social Entrepreneurism Promises?

During his campaign, Barack Obama spoke at length about his commitment to accelerating social entrepreneurship in this country, including making sure the neccessary funds were available for new social ventures. A recent article in the San... Read More

In Today’s Financial Climate, Investors are Drawn to Social Entrepreneurism

Some recent news items suggest that social entrepreneurs may be somewhat insulated from the current financial crisis.

In the news story, Investors Focusing on Social Enterprises, San Francisco Bay Area television station KGO reports... Read More

A Year with Teach For America

Newsweek’s reporter Donna Foote recently spent a year following four Teach For America Corps Members from their training stage to the end of their first school year.  In addition to writing a book about it, she also wrote a article for... Read More

Give Like a Millionaire

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article about how today’s donors are looking for more control over the money they give.  It perceptively notes that while we’re not all millionaires looking for total control... Read More

Be The Change Builds Up Support

Service Nation , an effort headed by Be The Change Inc. , is building strong foundations. 

Habitat for Humanity just joined the movement, whose goal is to engage 1 million Americans in a year of full time national service by 2020... Read More

Getting In on the Ground Floor of Venture Philanthropy

Venture philanthropy is getting quite the buzz, from MBA campuses to nonprofit conferences. This model of taking a business-minded investment approach to funding new organizations offers a viable alternative to traditional grantmaking,... Read More

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