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Want to know who’s hiring? Follow the money.

Forbes recently ran an article, cheekily titled Get Paid to Be a Do-Gooder, highlighting nonprofit career options. While it isn’t exactly news that people can earn a living in the nonprofit sector (in fact, over 15 million Americans do... Read More

150+ experts on Twitter every jobseeker should follow

Our friends at YourOnRamp recently posted a list of over 150 tweeters to follow on Twitter. The list includes authors, bloggers, coaches, as well as subject matter experts in personal branding and marketing, job searching, networking,... Read More

A voice for the nonprofit movement

The V3 Campaign is working to make the voice of the social enterprise and non-profit movement heard, its value realized, and its votes counted in every election. The goal of the campaign is to develop a new generation of political leaders... Read More

Give Like a Millionaire

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article about how today’s donors are looking for more control over the money they give.  It perceptively notes that while we’re not all millionaires looking for total control... Read More

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