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Resumes 2.0 – A Round Up of Web-Based Resume Creation Tools

By Kirstin Griffiths, Search Consultant

When tossing your hat in the ring for a job, you have probably wondered how you can make sure that your resume stands out to an employer– without turning resume-writing into your full-time job!

... Read More

A Story of Pro Bono

How a New Year Resolution Became My Fundraising Chair, Marketing Manager, Policy Analyst, Accountant, and Legal Advisor.

A guest blog by Trevor Kaul, Taproot Foundation

Let’s be honest, it’s a hard time of year to avoid clichés. ... Read More

Learning a Thing or Two from Venture Capitalists

A recent blog post by Aaron Hurst of the Taproot Foundation got us thinking about how we’d design a foundation, particularly how we’d incorporate some best practices of venture capitalism to ensure social ROI.

It has been striking... Read More

Will Jumo become Facebook for social change?

Facebook co-founder and alum Chris Hughes announced the soft launch of Jumo, a new philanthropic start-up that works to match people with appropriate causes.

The Jumo home page announces Hughes’s mission to “bring... Read More

One small vote for big change

American Express and Take Part have teamed up to present the 2010 Members Project. Congratulations to a number of Commongood Careers clients for earning a spot in the competition:,, Jumpstart for Young Children,... Read More

Nonprofits are small business employers too

Last week, an article in The Nonprofit Quarterly caught our eye. In a whip-smart expose, writer Tim Delaney discussed the failure of the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) to acknowledge nonprofits as small employers. In short, a recent... Read More

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