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Sector Reports

The Ups and Downs of Hiring

Our friends at Nonprofit HR Solutions recently released the results of the 2011 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey. With responses from more than 450 nonprofit leaders and HR professionals, the survey reveals a somewhat mixed outlook for... Read More

Are Nonprofit Leadership Programs Culturally Biased?

In our current research on racial diversity in the workplace, one question keeps coming up: why aren’t there more people of color in leadership positions at nonprofit organizations? While the answer to this question is complex, we’ve... Read More

Show me some credentials

Did you know that American Humanics (AH) is the only national nonprofit organization bringing together nonprofit organizations and higher education for the purpose of credentialing future nonprofit managers and leaders?

Well, now is... Read More

Reimagining Service Volunteer Management survey

Reimagining Service, a self-organized coalition of more than fifty corporate, nonprofit and government leaders working to increase the impact of volunteers and their ability to address our country’s most pressing social issues, who... Read More

According to survey, leadership gap has widened by 43%

Leadership succession may not be a top issue on many nonprofit leaders’ minds these days. According to a recent survey report published by Bridgespan, the need to recruit new talent and plan for leadership transitions is more pressing... Read More

The Growth Imperative: How Can Organizations Plan Ahead?

In a recent report titled “The Global War for Talent” published by Aberdeen Group, a global research organization, researchers suggest that companies that focus their efforts on future workforce planning have a consistent advantage in... Read More