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Hiring Advice

Considering adding Americorps talent to your team? Get a phenomenal manager first.

Ahh, summer—the time for flowers, vacations…and thoughts about big picture things that often get pushed off during the rest of the year, like your strategic staffing plan.  Did the four year anniversary of the Serve America Act... Read More

Beware of Candidate Crushes

by Allyson Biegeleisen, Vice President of Client Searches

If you’re ever been involved in a hiring process for your organization, you can appreciate how hiring is a lot like a whirlwind romance. At the start, you have a vision for the... Read More

After the Interview: Etiquette for Hiring Managers

by Allyson Biegeleisen, Vice President of Client Services

Manners are something we learn early in life. Parents teach us to say “please” and “thank you” not just because it’s polite, but because it shows respect and... Read More

The Golden Rules of Interviewer Etiquette

Being a good interviewer is a lot like being a good party hostess. We took a nod from Miss Manners and came up with our own suggestions for interviewer etiquette:

1. Set a specific start and end time for the interview
. Put candidates at... Read More

The Ups and Downs of Hiring

Our friends at Nonprofit HR Solutions recently released the results of the 2011 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey. With responses from more than 450 nonprofit leaders and HR professionals, the survey reveals a somewhat mixed outlook for... Read More

Tweeting for Hiring Managers

Many corporate recruiters promote their openings and recruit candidates on Twitter. Is Twitter really an effective tool for filling open positions?

The debate is out as to whether Twitter is useful or distracting for hiring managers and... Read More

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