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Hiring Advice

Innovation@Work: A Small Bonus Makes a Big Difference

When a nonprofit organization is going through a major transition, staff bonuses may be the last thing on the to-do list. Yet, that’s exactly what Experience Corps offered its employees during a time of organizational change.

In January... Read More

In search of a unicorn

Every search has its ideal candidate. But looking for a development director who knows every major national funder personally, has worked on a winning policital campaign, lives in Kalamazoo, speaks 10 languages, and is willing to work for... Read More

Bad IT hires are expensive, and other wisdom from the CEO

In the nonprofit sector, hiring for IT and other technical positions can be hard, especially when hiring managers don’t have a technical background. However, the cost of making a bad IT hire can end up costing an organization a lot…in... Read More

The pipeline imperative (or how to engage talent even when you’re not hiring)

It’s been established that nonprofits benefit from developing and engaging talent pipelines. Yet pipeline development is rarely done, for a slew of well-documented reasons, such as lack of current nonprofit leaders who champion these... Read More

Prioritizing diversity recruitment, once and for all

Improving racial diversity in nonprofit organizations, particularly in leadership positions, has been a priority of for years. Yet today’s nonprofit sector still looks really…well…white.

There have been many studies, reports, and... Read More

How is the Economy Affecting Your Job Prospects?

Earlier this week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted an online discussion about how the current financial downturn is affecting the job prospects of nonprofit professionals.

The discussion explored if the financial crisis is causing... Read More

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