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Hiring Advice

Millennials Heart Nonprofits

According to a recent article in the New York Times, millennials are seeking employment in the nonprofit sector more than ever before. Applications for AmeriCorps and Teach For America are reaching unprecedented highs. Recent college... Read More

Innovation@Work: Informational Interviews Lead to Talent Pipelines

What if your organization could connect with great talent, deepen its networks and promote its employer brand? There is one simple way to achieve these goals: informational interviews.

For New Profit Inc, a national venture philanthropy... Read More

Innovation@Work: Referral Rewards Yield Big Results

For nonprofits with frequent recruitment needs, an employee referral program can be a valuable source of qualified candidates. What can organizations do to encourage their staff to tap into their personal networks and make referrals?... Read More

Obama on Improving the Hiring Process

In a recent White House memo, President Obama called upon the heads of executive departments and agencies to “recruit and hire highly qualified employees” comprised of the “most talented Americans.” He went on to say that the... Read More

Innovation@Work: A Strong Culture Enhances Recruitment and Retention

Most nonprofits know that organizational culture can be a powerful recruiting and retention tool. When an organization infuses its culture in its greatest asset—- its employees – the result can be a deeply engaged, hard working staff.

... Read More

“Wait…don’t leave me!” What you should do now to minimize staff turnover

The ball dropped, the year changed, and the hiring started—at least that was what happened at Commongood Careers as 2010 rushed in.  Social entrepreneurs that had temporarily slowed their growth efforts rushed back in to high gear,... Read More

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