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Best Practices

How to evaluate “overqualified” candidates

A number of people in our network recently forwarded us an article on about jobseekers being labeled as “overqualified.” It got us thinking about how nonprofits can best consider these candidates who bring more seniority than... Read More

The pipeline imperative (or how to engage talent even when you’re not hiring)

It’s been established that nonprofits benefit from developing and engaging talent pipelines. Yet pipeline development is rarely done, for a slew of well-documented reasons, such as lack of current nonprofit leaders who champion these... Read More

Good Reads: Forces of Good

Kevin “I like to read” Kovaleski here with a literature review. If I could make a diorama on this blog, I would.

There is an ongoing debate in the nonprofit sector on what makes an organization a social entrepreneur. Forces for Good, a... Read More

Making “BA or Equivalent” Work

The social sector is known for valuing diversity of experience in its workforce and for working to have its staff mirror its populations served. Then why, in reading nonprofit job descriptions, is there so much emphasis on jobseekers... Read More

How Entrepeneurs Recruit Talent

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine reported that the greatest challenge facing entrepreneurial organizations in 2007 is the ability to hire and retain the right people. The article had two particularly effective suggestions for... Read More

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