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Best Practices

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

We admit it. Our New Year’s resolutions of exercising everyday and not eating junk food haven’t panned out so far in 2011. In our defense, it’s too cold in Boston for anyone to expect us to walk to the gym. And that jar of jelly beans as... Read More

Learning a Thing or Two from Venture Capitalists

A recent blog post by Aaron Hurst of the Taproot Foundation got us thinking about how we’d design a foundation, particularly how we’d incorporate some best practices of venture capitalism to ensure social ROI.

It has been striking... Read More

Innovation@Work: Referral Rewards Yield Big Results

For nonprofits with frequent recruitment needs, an employee referral program can be a valuable source of qualified candidates. What can organizations do to encourage their staff to tap into their personal networks and make referrals?... Read More

Obama on Improving the Hiring Process

In a recent White House memo, President Obama called upon the heads of executive departments and agencies to “recruit and hire highly qualified employees” comprised of the “most talented Americans.” He went on to say that the... Read More

Innovation@Work: Daily Staff Ritual Keeps Spirits High

Rituals are an important part of organizational culture. At Playworks, the daily ritual of staff “recess” is an easy yet meaningful way for employees to collectively exemplify the values of the organization.

As a national nonprofit... Read More

Innovation@Work: Utilizing a Balanced Scorecard in Performance Management

Effective performance management is key to staff development and retention. For Citizen Schools, taking a strategic and quantitative approach to performance management has helped to keep staff on track with organization-wide goals.

... Read More
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