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Best Practices

How You Can Help Your Nonprofit Compete for Talent

In a recent blog post on Stanford Social Innovation Review, Net Impact CEO Liz Maw writes about the need for nonprofits to step up their game in the competition for top talent. This challenge isn’t limited to human resources and hiring... Read More

Resumes 2.0 – A Round Up of Web-Based Resume Creation Tools

By Kirstin Griffiths, Search Consultant

When tossing your hat in the ring for a job, you have probably wondered how you can make sure that your resume stands out to an employer– without turning resume-writing into your full-time job!

... Read More

Following Your Gut – The Role of Subjectivity in Hiring

By Dana Hagenbuch

When it comes to evaluating candidates during the hiring process, there are objective and subjective measures at play. Objectively, a hiring manager assesses the candidate’s demonstrated experience, and then compares... Read More

Note to Jobseekers: Follow the Rules

For an open position, an organization or search firm might receive hundreds of applications. While this may suggest to candidates to do” whatever it takes” to get the attention of a hiring manager, this preliminary step is not the time... Read More

Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a Sane One Too)

Development professionals are a unique breed.  We are a critical part of any nonprofit organization yet our work lives are necessarily externally facing.  We face intense pressures and high expectations, and while we are (often)... Read More

Considering adding Americorps talent to your team? Get a phenomenal manager first.

Ahh, summer—the time for flowers, vacations…and thoughts about big picture things that often get pushed off during the rest of the year, like your strategic staffing plan.  Did the four year anniversary of the Serve America Act... Read More

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