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The nonprofit sector is not alone in under-prioritizing HR

Many studies show that prioritizing human resources needs to come from the top. Historically, the ability of nonprofit organizations to invest time and resources into HR has been difficult for a host of reasons, such as competing... Read More

Competitive benefits in hard times

Earlier this week, our founder and CEO, James Weinberg, joined a panel of experts discussing nonprofit employee benefits. This Chronicle of Philanthropy online event convened a panel of sector leaders to examine recent trends in employee... Read More

Nonprofits are small business employers too

Last week, an article in The Nonprofit Quarterly caught our eye. In a whip-smart expose, writer Tim Delaney discussed the failure of the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) to acknowledge nonprofits as small employers. In short, a recent... Read More

In search of a unicorn

Every search has its ideal candidate. But looking for a development director who knows every major national funder personally, has worked on a winning policital campaign, lives in Kalamazoo, speaks 10 languages, and is willing to work for... Read More

Want to know who’s hiring? Follow the money.

Forbes recently ran an article, cheekily titled Get Paid to Be a Do-Gooder, highlighting nonprofit career options. While it isn’t exactly news that people can earn a living in the nonprofit sector (in fact, over 15 million Americans do... Read More

Bad IT hires are expensive, and other wisdom from the CEO

In the nonprofit sector, hiring for IT and other technical positions can be hard, especially when hiring managers don’t have a technical background. However, the cost of making a bad IT hire can end up costing an organization a lot…in... Read More

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