They Say Admitting You Have a Problem is Half the Battle

The Council on Foundations should be commended for its emerging leadership in talent and diversity and inclusive-related issues throughout the philanthropic community.

At various conferences, through dedicated convenings such as the one... Read More

Career Pathways to Philanthropic Leadership

Last week, we were honored to attend the Council on Foundations’ “Leadership Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in Philanthropy” in Washington, D.C. This meeting convened a group of nonprofit leaders to dialogue about issues such as... Read More

Cover Letters are Really, Really, Really Important

A good cover letter can strengthen your application and help you get to the next stage of the hiring process. A poor cover letter can result in the instant disqualification of your candidacy.

This information may not come as a huge... Read More

Volunteer on a Political Campaign, Boost Your Career

For the first time in 25 years, the people of Massachusetts will elect a new senator. Following in the footsteps of Ted Kennedy, the champion behind such legislation as the Serve America Act, the person filling this seat inherits the... Read More

Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now

Are you a part of the next generation of nonprofit leaders?  Do you want to be?

How will you move from “next” to “now”?

How can you add your voice to today’s urgent conversations about tomorrow’s inspiring possibilities?

... Read More

The nonprofit sector is not alone in under-prioritizing HR

Many studies show that prioritizing human resources needs to come from the top. Historically, the ability of nonprofit organizations to invest time and resources into HR has been difficult for a host of reasons, such as competing... Read More

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