Exploring hiring challenges (and avoiding volcanic ash) at the Skoll World Forum

Recently our fearless leader, James Weinberg attended the 2010 Skoll World Forum in England.  Since the rest of us were not able to attend, we had a million questions for him when he got back. Here are a few snippets of what he had to... Read More

Show me some credentials

Did you know that American Humanics (AH) is the only national nonprofit organization bringing together nonprofit organizations and higher education for the purpose of credentialing future nonprofit managers and leaders?

Well, now is... Read More

Reimagining Service Volunteer Management survey

Reimagining Service, a self-organized coalition of more than fifty corporate, nonprofit and government leaders working to increase the impact of volunteers and their ability to address our country’s most pressing social issues, who... Read More

Will Jumo become Facebook for social change?

Facebook co-founder and alum Chris Hughes announced the soft launch of Jumo, a new philanthropic start-up that works to match people with appropriate causes.

The Jumo home page announces Hughes’s mission to “bring... Read More

One small vote for big change

American Express and Take Part have teamed up to present the 2010 Members Project. Congratulations to a number of Commongood Careers clients for earning a spot in the competition:,, Jumpstart for Young Children,... Read More

Get on Board!

A tried and true pathway to a new nonprofit job can be serving on a nonprofit board. If you live in Massachusetts, finding a board position can be as easy as attending the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley’s Board... Read More

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