Legislation Introduced to Study and Support the Nonprofit Sector

As a coalition member of America Forward, we are delighted to share news about an exciting advancement for the social innovation community and nonprofit sector at large.  Yesterday a press conference was held in recognition of... Read More

And the nominees for young, transformative leader are…

Nominations are now being accepted for the inaugural American Express NGen Leadership Award. This award will honor one under-40 nonprofit professional who has had a transformative impact on addressing society’s critical needs.

All... Read More

Innovation@Work: A Small Bonus Makes a Big Difference

When a nonprofit organization is going through a major transition, staff bonuses may be the last thing on the to-do list. Yet, that’s exactly what Experience Corps offered its employees during a time of organizational change.

In January... Read More

Nonprofits offer unshakable careers

AOL and Payscale recently published an article citing nonprofits as top of the list of seven unshakable careers. According to the article:

Though employers across industries are showing reluctance to hire full-time employees in favor of... Read More

Innovation@Work: Job Families Foster Staff Development

How has Dare Mighty Things been able to fill 60% of its open positions with internal placements? By institutionalizing an organization-wide professional development program that allows employees to gain the skills they need to advance... Read More

Volunteers are people too!

People — not money — make an impact.  People find ways to get things done, even with little or no money. As any cash-strapped start-up organization knows, much can be accomplished on a budget of $0 if you have passionate, committed... Read More

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