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Following Your Gut – The Role of Subjectivity in Hiring

By Dana Hagenbuch

When it comes to evaluating candidates during the hiring process, there are objective and subjective measures at play. Objectively, a hiring manager assesses the candidate’s demonstrated experience, and then compares... Read More

Note to Jobseekers: Follow the Rules

For an open position, an organization or search firm might receive hundreds of applications. While this may suggest to candidates to do” whatever it takes” to get the attention of a hiring manager, this preliminary step is not the time... Read More

20 Career Tips in Honor of AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary

by Michael Omenazu

As a national leadership development program which engages more than 80,000 Americans in service at nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups, AmeriCorps has consistently attracted... Read More

The CEO Perspective: How Summer Search Changed Amy Saxton

by Dana Hagenbuch

In Summer Search, Amy Saxton found the potent combination of a professional challenge and a mission she couldn’t resist. Amy spent seven years in the nonprofit sector at Bridgespan, leading work to define growth... Read More

An Uncommonly Good Year in Review

by Dana Hagenbuch

2013 was a time of growth, innovation, and insights for Commongood Careers. In our 8th year of operations, we continued to focus on serving the hiring needs of high-impact nonprofits, but we also took a step back to... Read More

Five Tips for Hiring During the Holiday Season

by Dana Hagenbuch

For some organizations, it seems like the hiring process shuts down from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. While there are certain challenges to connecting with candidates at this time of year, there are still... Read More

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