2021: The Nonprofit Talent Frontier

Now that 2011 is well underway, we started thinking about what factors will influence nonprofit talent management 10 years from now. While we doubt that recruiting will be done by robots and reference checks will happen by telepathy, we... Read More

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

We admit it. Our New Year’s resolutions of exercising everyday and not eating junk food haven’t panned out so far in 2011. In our defense, it’s too cold in Boston for anyone to expect us to walk to the gym. And that jar of jelly beans as... Read More

New Year, New Searches!

There’s nothing like kicking off the new year by welcoming some of our newest clients! We are pleased to be managing searches at a number of exciting nonprofits including:

Revolution Foods
Revolution Foods launched in 2006 with the... Read More

Learning a Thing or Two from Venture Capitalists

A recent blog post by Aaron Hurst of the Taproot Foundation got us thinking about how we’d design a foundation, particularly how we’d incorporate some best practices of venture capitalism to ensure social ROI.

It has been striking... Read More

Innovation@Work: Informational Interviews Lead to Talent Pipelines

What if your organization could connect with great talent, deepen its networks and promote its employer brand? There is one simple way to achieve these goals: informational interviews.

For New Profit Inc, a national venture philanthropy... Read More

Taking Atlanta by Storm at the Independent Sector Conference

Last week, the Commongood Careers team had the pleasure of being a part of the 30th Independent Sector annual conference in Atlanta. With nearly 1,000 attendees representing the most dynamic and innovative organizations in the country,... Read More

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