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A Tale of Two Co-Founders

By Cassie Scarano, CEO

Nearly eight years since we co-founded the organization, my friend and colleague James Weinberg will be stepping down as CEO and I will have the honor of assuming the role of CEO to lead Commongood Careers into... Read More

A Story of Pro Bono

How a New Year Resolution Became My Fundraising Chair, Marketing Manager, Policy Analyst, Accountant, and Legal Advisor.

A guest blog by Trevor Kaul, Taproot Foundation

Let’s be honest, it’s a hard time of year to avoid clichés. ... Read More

Views from the Talent Pool: Lessons from the 2012 Independent Sector Conference

by Kevin Flynn, Vice President of Recruitment

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to join an amazing group of peers and colleagues at the Independent Sector Conference. While IS has historically been one of the premiere events for... Read More

Beware of Candidate Crushes

by Allyson Biegeleisen, Vice President of Client Searches

If you’re ever been involved in a hiring process for your organization, you can appreciate how hiring is a lot like a whirlwind romance. At the start, you have a vision for the... Read More

Meet C. Goodie: Uncommon Monkey Working for the Common Good

To some, he may seem like an ordinary sock monkey. But C. Goodie plays an essential - even highly strategic – role at Commongood Careers. We caught up with Commongood Careers’ resident ambassador of fun, and here’s what he had to... Read More

After the Interview: Etiquette for Hiring Managers

by Allyson Biegeleisen, Vice President of Client Services

Manners are something we learn early in life. Parents teach us to say “please” and “thank you” not just because it’s polite, but because it shows respect and... Read More

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