Good Reads: Forces of Good

Kevin “I like to read” Kovaleski here with a literature review. If I could make a diorama on this blog, I would.

There is an ongoing debate in the nonprofit sector on what makes an organization a social entrepreneur. Forces for Good, a... Read More

Commongood in The Boston Globe

In today’s Boston Globe, Sacha Pfeiffer writes about Commongood Careers as addressing a sector-wide need by matching up top talent and nonprofits.

From the article:

“...Commongood Careers, helps nonprofit organizations recruit, screen,... Read More

Why Ethnic and Racial Diveristy Matter

Ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace is a core value of our partner organizations. Why is diversity really so important?

In all organizations, diversity of experience and backgrounds has proven itself to be a vital success... Read More

The Growth Imperative: How Can Organizations Plan Ahead?

In a recent report titled “The Global War for Talent” published by Aberdeen Group, a global research organization, researchers suggest that companies that focus their efforts on future workforce planning have a consistent advantage in... Read More

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

We often get asked the question, “What is a social entrepreneur?” and it is not an easy question to answer. Last week, James and Cassie attended a session at the Teach For America alumni event in Boston this weekend where Harvard Business... Read More

Making “BA or Equivalent” Work

The social sector is known for valuing diversity of experience in its workforce and for working to have its staff mirror its populations served. Then why, in reading nonprofit job descriptions, is there so much emphasis on jobseekers... Read More

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