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The Voice of Nonprofit Talent in 2008

What drives today’s nonprofit talent? What can nonprofit employers do to better meet the needs of a changing talent pool? To answer these questions, we developed and distributed a 25-question survey to the 15,000 members of our candidate... Read More

Good Reads: Forces of Good

Kevin “I like to read” Kovaleski here with a literature review. If I could make a diorama on this blog, I would.

There is an ongoing debate in the nonprofit sector on what makes an organization a social entrepreneur. Forces for Good, a... Read More

Commongood in The Boston Globe

In today’s Boston Globe, Sacha Pfeiffer writes about Commongood Careers as addressing a sector-wide need by matching up top talent and nonprofits.

From the article:

“...Commongood Careers, helps nonprofit organizations recruit, screen,... Read More

Why Ethnic and Racial Diveristy Matter

Ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace is a core value of our partner organizations. Why is diversity really so important?

In all organizations, diversity of experience and backgrounds has proven itself to be a vital success... Read More

The Growth Imperative: How Can Organizations Plan Ahead?

In a recent report titled “The Global War for Talent” published by Aberdeen Group, a global research organization, researchers suggest that companies that focus their efforts on future workforce planning have a consistent advantage in... Read More

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

We often get asked the question, “What is a social entrepreneur?” and it is not an easy question to answer. Last week, James and Cassie attended a session at the Teach For America alumni event in Boston this weekend where Harvard Business... Read More

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